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Dan Bishop

Strategic Advisor/ Investment Development

My Story

Dan Bishop graduated from the University of Regis, Denver, Colorado with a degree in Business Administration. He started his business career in the field, with Western Specialty Contractors. He worked his way up to Regional Manager and a seat on the Board of Directors.


After 20 plus years of managing experience, he founded a new passion in entrepreneurship and angel investing. He founded ParkMarx Advertising in early 2011. He collaborated on a brand-new advertising media concept known as Parking Stripe advertising. After 4 years of proof of concept, he merged the IP into a new start-up.


Once that was complete, he started investing in early-stage start-ups. Investing in over ten companies in a ten-year period. They range from spirits, insurance, CBD, and more. As an investor, he advised each company in many facets. ranging from growth, sales, marketing, financial advising, and problem solving.

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