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KRTL Holding Group, Inc.

We are interested in having a competitive edge in the marketplace, through mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, and strategic alliances with specific partners.


KRTL Holding Group Inc., a holding company which operates  through its wholly owned subsidiaries, KRTL Biotech, Inc. and KRTL International Corp. These subsidiaries have evolved to focus on distinct industries, yet they intricately intertwine, forming the bedrock of the KRTL brand. This strategic synergy empowers KRTL Holding Group to actively pursue investment opportunities and forge invaluable partnerships, ultimately enhancing shareholder value.

About KRTL International Corp.

KRTL International Corp. (OTC: KRTL), a subsidiary of KRTL Holding Group Inc., stands as a global consulting and distribution company. Its expertise lies in the astute identification of strategic undervalued assets. Leveraging its licenses, seasoned partners, accomplished advisors, and expansive network, KRTL International Corp. deftly brings these assets to market. The company's unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the cultivation of meaningful relationships with industry leaders, prestigious universities, and manufacturers sets it apart.

​​KRTL International Corp. specializes in global distribution and consulting. We hold permits from The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for importing and wholesaling alcoholic beverages, with licensing for direct sales in key states such as CA, FL, NY, and NJ, along with the capability for nationwide distribution. Our services extend to comprehensive back-office solutions, Import/Export collaborations, warehousing, logistics, and strategic advisory services. Through partnerships with ISO Certified laboratories and cGMP manufacturers, they enhance and create products. Notably, KRTL International Corp. has exclusive distribution and licensing agreements for the Anzeztro brand, which is currently under review by the TTB for approval to be imported to the US. They also hold a federally approved Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approval (COLA) waiver for sample imports, which will expand to full COLA approval after the formula is approved, allowing importation and distribution. KRTL has also filed to Trademark the Anzeztro brand. Furthermore, they have access to innovative technology through their partner network.

About KRTL Biotech Inc.

KRTL Biotech Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of KRTL Holding Group, Inc. (OTC: KRTL), is dedicated to pioneering advancements in biotechnology research and development. Its core mission is to forge robust partnerships with CGMP manufacturers, ISO Certified Laboratories, and KRTL Biotech has forged a groundbreaking agreement with a prominent Bolivian public university. This partnership has opened doors to a myriad of educational collaborations across various industry sectors. From agriculture to biology and chemistry, we actively engage in the development and enhancement of formulations that drive progress.
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